This list of past Presidents is presented here to acknowledge with thanks the role that they played in sustaining the CRRA over the years

Period President Call   Period President Call
1968/72 Doug Pepper VE3OZ   1984/86 Denis Page VE3KLI
1972 Bill Marsh VE3SB   1986/88 Gil Gilchrist VE3BHA
1973 Sandy Cameron VE3AAC   1988/90 John Kirkwood VE3KLY
1974 Art Childerhose VE3CGD   1990/92 Wally Johnson VE3GE
1975 Art Childerhose VE3CGD   1992/93 Tom Howe VE3AAT
1976 Jim Swail VE3KF   1993/94 Peter Dewolf VE3YYY
1977 Bill Barrie VE3AAS   1994/96 Eric Kauffeld VE3ZEB
1978 Doc Ringrose VE3GXF   1996/98 Jack Marsh VE3RMV
1979 Doc Ringrose VE3GXF   1998/00 Gil Gilchrist VE3BHA
1980/81 Brian Hick VE3BRT   2002/02 Gord Holmes VA3GFH
1982/84 Gil Gilchrist VE3BHA   2002/2009 Steve Paynter VE3KEG
        2009/ Graham Patterson


          Debra Bee VE3IEH
          Rob McFarlane VA3AGN